Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nobody Told Me...

... that I've been running about with crazy eyebrows! I hate taking photos. Hate, hate, HATE! I suppose I have self-confidence issues, but no need to get into that today. Let's focus. Let's focus on the issue at hand. My BROWS. After looking through photos that were taken of your's truly within this past year, I noticed that my brows, as compared to my female classmates' and friends', are wild and untamed. Not knowing how to discpline them myself, I turned to a professional -- the Vietnamese lady at "Nails Feel Good" on Arguello. Huang does nails, so she must do brows as well. So I assumed.

And I was right! I had my eyebrows waxed for the second time in my life yesterday and am pleased with the results. I wish I could bring Huang back to LA with me. Without her, I just might start looking crazed again. See above.

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