Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 3

I was not very disciplined today. I went out for a meal of shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot) with friends, and ended up having a little more than I'd hoped to. But I did do a little more walking than usual during the afternoon. Does that make up for the excessive calorie intake? Probably not. *Sigh* Better luck tomorrow.

Green beans and almonds (Cascadian Farms package): 120 cal
Two egg whites: 40 cal
Coke (3 sips): 50 cal
Orbitz: 20 cal (I had 2 sticks)
Hotpot (lots of veggies, 8 pieces of thinly-sliced beef, no rice): about 800 cal
Green tea ice-cream: 280 cal
Emily's red azuki bean soup (5 spoonfuls): 70 cal
Total: 1380

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