Sunday, August 24, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 6

Hmm. Not only am I not steadily losing weight, I believe I may be steadily gaining weight. Once again, I have exceeded my recommended daily intake to MAINTAIN! I don't enjoy having to watch what I eat...

Banana: 110 cal
Gummies (8): 280 cal
Lunch was a meal of dimsum at Joy Luck in Cupertino.
1 cha-siu-bao (steamed pork bun): 150 cal
1 nai-huang-bao (steamed egg custard bun): 120 cal
1 sao-mai: 58 cal
1 xia-jiao (shrimp dumpling): 65 cal
3 pieces of xia-chang-feng (shrimp flat noodle): 75 cal
2 fong-zhua (chicken's feet, er phoenix claw): 180 cal
1 luo-buo gao (turnip cake): 70 cal
Some steamed veggies: 20 cal
Tea: 20 cal
Yogurtland fro-yo (less than 2 oz): 100 cal
Dinner was a meal of sushi at Kabuto (my favorite sushi joint in SF): 600 cal
5 bites of cookies n' cream ice-cream cone from Joe's: 100 cal
Total: 1,908 calories

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