Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 1

I'm hungry.

According to the internets, a person of my size (5 feet) with daily physical activity as limited as mine (read: sedentary) should only consume 975 calories (yes, we're in 3 digit territory) in order to maintain my current weight. I did all my homework. I calculated my BMR (basal metabolic rate) and then factored in my daily activity level. In order to lose anything, I'd have to consume less than 975. Insane. What's sad is, I bet my favorite US Weekly starlets consume even less.

Needless to say, I'm no Hollywood starlet. Friends of mine know that portion control has always been a difficult task for me. It's not that I'm unhealthy in my choice of eats. I just happen to enjoy everything in larger portions. You're going to have one bowl of Heart to Heart cereal for breakfast? Yeeeeah. I think I'll have two. Want a snack? Have a handful of almonds! No. I'll take the bag. Debs, you want to share this bowl of noodles? Sure. And I'll order a second bowl to "share" as well. Ugh. I'm full. Maam, want to see the dessert menu? Uh, YE-AH. I have a whole separate stomach for dessert. *tsk-tsk-tsk* Just for kicks, I kept count of my caloric intake last week, and get this, my average daily intake was actually over 2000. All this said, being "good" has been extremely challenging.

Grapes - 180 calories (6 calories each)
Wakame (seaweed) soup - 35 calories
Spinach - 40 calories
Chicken apple sausage - 120 calories
Orbitz - 30 (10 calories each)
Coke (sips) - 33 calories
Grilled pork Vietnamese sandwich - 300 calories
Strawberries - 120 (4 calories each)
Air - 1,000,000 calories (or so it seems)
Grand total: 838 (not including Air)


Emily said...

How much calories are in a bowl of "liu dou" soup (mung bean dessert soup)? I heard they're rather healthy... the point is... I made some... to bring or not to bring?!?!

Emily said...


Vonlipi said...

Good luck with the bulge! I should do the same....Do you sell your doodles? Can I commission a doodle if I send you a picture? Do you doodle cats? How much for a doodle?

HAMMY said...

Can I join ?!

jonjon said...

u are awesome deb ... keep it up ... here's a posting from dai that's suppose to help ... his advice is to eat small portions but frequently throughout the day (that's what i TRIED to do today, i think it kinda worked) ...

pam, u should definitley join! ...



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