Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 2

Turns out I miscalculated. Thank God I'm bad at math!
In order to maintain my current weight, I can actually consume up to 1522 calories! However, in order to lose weight, I should not be exceeding 1000 calories per day. So I went a little overboard tonight. Oops. Probably shouldn't have had fro-yo. But I'm super glad I did! He-he.

Wakame soup - 35 cal
Spinach - 20 cal
Strawberries - 24 cal (4 cal each)
Egg - 70 cal
Starbucks turkey & artichoke sandwich (not tasty) - 200 cal
Pellegrino - 0 cal
Meal at Tanto - 700 cal
Yogurtland frozen yogurt - 100 cal
Total: 1149 calories

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