Thursday, August 28, 2008

Total Heartthrob

A conversation I had last week derived the following short-list of Hollywood men whom I adore. I definitely have a type. And the type is kind of, sort of disturbing.

Conan O'Brien (why not?!)
George Clooney (fun-fun-fun)
Paul Bettany (a Brit with dry humor... how unexpected)
Michael Cera (looks like a bird and has and angelic voice. "these eyes...")
Seth Rogen (I bet he enjoys ice-cream)

Apparently I have a thing for egoless, self-deprecating beta males who trimph over macho men to get the girl. Hmm. What does this say about me?!

Cougar cub, you still regin supreme. I am patiently awaiting your return home.

On a side note, does anyone know what happened to Planter's deliciously unhealthy cheeseballs? I crave them.

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