Thursday, August 07, 2008


I spend my evenings drawing with the tv on, and last night, while sketching at Lawrence, Faye, and the cougar cub's summer rental, MTV's "Next" played in the background. It's an awful show. Scripted speed-dating for the 22 and under crowd. Very, very bad. The awful ambience resulted in awful drawings like the header shown above. Yawwwn. Not terribly creative, but I'm posting it anyway. Next.


Josh said...

I think that Next is a terrific show, and by terrific show, I mean a train wreck that you can't help but look at.

Emily said...

i hate that show. hate it with a passion!

Josh (musarter) said...

I just happened to see a couple minutes of that show last night too. It was a steaming shit of a show among a long list of illconcieved sewage worthy shows that MTV has been producing lately. I think I lost an IQ point for every minute I wasted on it.


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