Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"B" is for Beans

... and birthday cake!
With the help of his love-oozing-doggy-godmama-baker-extraordinaire Emily, Beans had himself a dog-gone fabulous early birthday celebration tonight. (Early because much of his actual birthday on the 27th will be spent driving back down to LA). Behold the talent of Ems--see above. She baked Beans a delicious smelling (and probably tasting), exquisite banana-cinnamon-carob double-decker cake frosted with cream cheese and carrots. Notice the attention to detail! The sakura blossom shaped carrot slices even spell out a "B"! Beans gobbled down two ginormous slices of Em's dog friendly creation (two slices for turning two?!?)... the slices placed into his new bowl set from me. Cake consumption was followed up by much necessary exercise. Fetch with his new rubber ball--his last and final gift. Every dog deserves to be this happy.

P.S. Beans does not look as joyful in the final photo for he'd just finished his two slices and noticed that his bowl wasn't being refilled... What? No thirds?! But it's my birthday!

Which leads right into one of my favorite quotes by George Harrison of the Beatles: “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”


Emily said...

I'm so happy that he liked it! I'm truly honored!! More baking to come!!

Emily said...

Btw, I feel super honored to be named Beans' doggy godmama~~ YAY~~ :)

cole said...

happy early bbbbbbbbbbirthday beans!

Madge said...

yes, happy birthday!

HAMMY said...

OMG Beans looks SOOO happy!!!!!!!!!

HAMMY said...

P.S. Ems, that is an AWESOME cake. Would you like to be shady's doggy godmama as well ? hehe


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