Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Good Life

I wasn't terribly productive (in terms of creative works completed) this past weekend, but I sure did have a load of fun! Dai, Ems, Will (he's baaaack!), the cougar cub, Beans, and I went to Napa on Saturday. After gobbling down some lunch at Giugni deli (see MyTummySmiled for my sandwich review)and indulging in uber-fancy chocolates at Woodhouse (my favorite after being introduced to them by Pammy), we hit up wineries, Peju, St. Supéry, and Mumm. Lots of thirsty folks. Hehe. It was a fun-filled day--made even more satisfying with the evening's conclusion at Koriya, a Korean BBQ restaurant in Oakland.

P.S. DBD reentered the workforce this morning. G'luck, g'luck, g'luck! He'll be managing the Del Monte brand--which, I just learned, covers Milk Bone products! Beans says, "Part the Red Seas for this rockstar, please!"


Gerald said...

How in the world did you fit that board on your scanner? Either's looking good!

Emily said...

i heart koryo... ghetto ass place to go for korean food but me likey.

QuicklyMilkTea said...

Haha, yeah it's "Koryo", not "Koriya"...although the food IS "ko-ree-yan"

Thanks for the well-wishes! Work is going great so far. I have some samples for Beans already :)


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